TAiKA™ Business Communications

TAiKA - Business Communications as a Service

TAiKA consists of customer service, unified communications and collaboration platform.

The solution delivers a complete open and all software based solution with a modern user-centric experience that seamlessly integrates mobile and fixed communication, Voice over IP and existing enterprise infrastructure. A TAiKA powered enterprise is flexible, efficient and cost effective.

TAiKA provides all the real time communication tools, functionality and quality that enterprises and their employees demand.

Taika Company Oy - Business Communications Professionals at Your Service

Taika Company is a Finnish start-up company with more than 200 years of experience and expertise in business communications and customer service solutions, digital services and transformation, business management, software and product development, cloud technologies, ICT project management, design and implementation of software architectures and integration solutions, product management, international sales, global procurement, law and consultancy services, and partner & subcontractor co-operation.

Leading MiCloud Telepo cloud technology and partner Esecom Oy's technical support and maintenance services ensure reliability of our service.

Taika Company helps its customers to transform traditional ways to work with digital activity. Our business is based on providing continuous value-added cloud services and agile software development & integrations.

Our partner Mitel is a global market leader in enterprise and mobile communications powering more than 2 billion business connections and 2 billion mobile subscribers every day.

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